Terms And Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

  1. Tickets only valid for date and time of purchase.

  1. Tickets non refundable

  1. Tickets non transferable.

  1. ID will be asked for in line with age ratings for films.

  1. Tickets purchased online or via phone may include booing fee.

Terms of Entry

We are required by law to refuse the sale or admission to a performance to anyone who, in the opinion of our staff, is below or appears to be below the minimum age required by the relevant classification of the British Board of Film Classification. Photographic government authorised proof of age may be necessary for entry.

We reserve the right to refuse access or order the immediate removal, without a refund, of anyone who:

  • Appears to be intoxicated or is behaving in an antisocial way
  • Is smoking on the premises (including e-cigarettes and vapes)
  • Upon request, at any time, fails to produce a valid ticket.
  • Refuses to, when requested, remove any item of clothing which restricts the view of one's head/face (e.g. hoods) with the exception of religious headwear.

It is your responsibility to check the ticket; we are under no obligation to rectify any mistakes made after purchasing the ticket. We are not obliged to replace lost or stolen tickets.

We request that you only consume food and drinks bought from The Loewen Cinema. We work hard with our local, independent suppliers to create a plural economy that benefits all members of our community. We reserve the right to ask you to put any food or drinks away if they are not bought or supplied by us.

Cameras or recording equipment are not allowed into the screens. It is an offence to make any recording of a film. Anyone recording may be arrested and prosecuted, leading to an unlimited fine and imprisonment for up to 10 years. Any devices found to be recording may be confiscated by the Manager for inspection.

Mobile phones and other devices must be switched off during the main feature. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the screen.

Our tickets are non refundable and non-exchangeable but management will consider permitting refunds/exchanges in exceptional circumstances.

No alcoholic drink purchased outside may be brought into the premises.

We accept no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal belongings while on site.

Customers who arrive after the start of the feature film will only be permitted entry into the auditorium but must do so QUIETLY.

All food purchased on the premises is non-refundable

Guide, hearing or other assistance dogs are welcome but other animals are not permitted.

Customers must at all times remain within public areas and not obstruct aisles or doorways with personal items.

Appropriate action (including but not limited to: banning customers from the premises; contacting the police; taking further legal action; and making a claim to cover any costs incurred) will be taken against anyone who endangers, jeopardises the safety of, or is abusive, insulting, intimidating or threatening to anyone on site.

Customers shall not exhibit behaviour that is considered antisocial or disruptive by cinema staff, including both physical and verbal abuse at any point on site. Such behaviour may result in immediate removal from the premises without any entitlement to a refund. We reserve the right to remove a group of guests should the behaviour of one or more of their members be deemed to be acting antisocially. In the event of removal from the screen, the customer(s) may be banned from entering the premises in the future and action may result in the police being contacted.

Any Manager may refuse entry or ask any persons to leave the premises at any time and will be under no obligation to provide a reason to that person.

There shall be no discrimination by us in the application of these terms. We will comply with all applicable laws that prohibit discrimination.