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Showting Times From Fri 12th to Thurs 18th January 2018

“The Greatest Showman” in 2D
1h 45m Cert 12A

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                    2.30pm & 7.30pm

Sat & Sun                                                     7.30pm

“Paddington 2 ” in 2D
1h 43m Cert PG

Sat & Sun                                                            12.00pm

“Jumanji” in 2D

2h0m Cert 12A

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                             5.00pm

Sat & Sun                                                            2.30pm

“Pitch Perfect 3” in 2D

1h33m Cert 12A

Fri to Thurs                                                            5.00pm

“Coco” in 2D

1h 46m Cert PG

Sat & Sun                                                         12.00pm & 2.30pm & 5.00pm

“Star Wars The Last Jedi” in 2D

2h 25m  Cert 12A

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                         2.00pm  &  7.30pm

Sat & Sun                                                            7.30pm

From Fri 19th to Thurs 25th Jan.

“The Commuter” in 2D

1h 45m Cert 15

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                                2.30pm & 7.30pm

Sat & Sun                                                                  7.30pm

“Jumanji” in 2D

2h 0m Cert 12A

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                                 5.00pm

Sat & Sun                                                                  12.00pm & 5.00pm

“Pitch Perfect 3” in 2D

Sat & Sun                                                                       2.30pm

“The Post” in 2D

1h 56m Cert 12A

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                                 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Sat & Sun                                                                      7.30pm

“Coco” in 2D

1h 45m Cert PG

Fri & Mon to Thurs                                                    5.00pm

Sat & Sun                                                                      12.00pm & 2.30pm & 7.30pm