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At Cinema Saltcoats, we are pleased to say we are the only inependently owned Cinema in Ayrshire with Dolby 3D digital.

Dolby® 3D uses a unique full-spectrum color technology that provides extremely crisp, clear images for a superior 3D experience. The Dolby 3D movie system has a rotating color filter wheel that can be automated to insert into a digital projector for 3D movies.

Inside the projector, the wheel filters the light before the image is formed, resulting in an un-altered image with both its color and quality preserved. For 2D movies, the wheel can be automated to retract, avoiding any picture quality issues caused by 3D filters being left in place for 2D shows.

Alongside the projector, the Dolby Filter Controller automatically synchronizes the filter wheel with the 3D digital content as it’s projected.

3D Movies and 3D Glasses

Dolby 3D projects full-color images for the left and right eyes. The projection uses two slightly different sets of primary colors. The audience wears passive 3D glasses with complementary filters precisely tuned to match the filters in the projector, ensuring that each eye sees the correct image.